fleeting moments


I have a very diverse background, but have always wanted to get involved with photography in a serious way.

Over the years I have had a number of cameras. I started with a stunning box camera that I inherited from my mother while I was still a schoolboy. In my late teens I inherited a great concertina/bellows camera from her as well. They both used the 120 film format and produced beautiful images. Due to budget constraints I used Agfa 100, 200 or 400 ASA film. At the time this was a very expensive hobby for me and it was seldom that I could afford to purchase film. Also, often I could not afford to develop the rolls of film that I had captured images on either.

Later, as a young man I was asked to take photographs by antique dealers and auctioneers for their editorials and adverts. This enabled me to afford a Yashika FX-3 35mm SLR camera with a flashgun plus macro, 50mm and 70-300mm zoom lenses. I can’t remember their apertures any more… At that time my car was stolen with all my gear and spools of film from a job I had just done.

Twenty years later I acquired a Fujifilm FinePix A 210 3.2mp digital camera. Even though this is a point and shoot camera it afforded me the opportunity to take good pictures for clients of mine. I was a Website developer and was often required to take photographs to include in these sites.

Now I have access to a Canon 350D 8mp DSLR camera with a 35-70mm, f3.5-f5.6 zoom lens. This is such a great camera! I am so happy to be able to control the settings manually again. Also to be able to choose options such as shutter or aperture value priority allows me to take quick shots on occasions when there is very little time to change camera settings. At times auto focus can be a life saver. I enjoy the way a modern digital SLR opens up opportunities to focus on getting the photograph rather than focusing on the equipment.

For some time I captured images in .jpg format, but recently have changed to RAW. Initially I was trying to get as many images on the memory card as possible, but now quality is more important to me than quantity.

At the moment I am intentionally avoiding all heavy handed Photoshop or Lightroom editing. I use them to capture metadata, straighten or crop images where I see fit, do some colour correction, converting to B & W and do minor adjustments to get images to pop a little more. Some images, other than for metadata capture, are straight out of the camera. This is especially great for street photography.

Since launching this Website I have had my laptop, backup drive and a couple of flash drives stolen with several thousand images that were stored on them. Hence I have not done any updates here since October 2013. Fortunately my camera was not stolen as well, so I’ve managed to take some new photos since then. Now, at last, I am able to start uploading photographs again.

I hope you enjoy the images on this site as much as I have enjoyed taking and processing them. I would appreciate any feedback or questions you might have. Please go to the Contact page for contact info. I will be putting up a contact form shortly.


Please be aware that all my work is copyright, © 2013 – 2014 John Golden. All rights reserved.

Thank you.