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Avatar Girl

Avatar Girl. © 2014 John Golden. All rights reserved

Avatar Girl. © 2014 John Golden. All rights reserved


Property Value
Date Taken 2014-12-14 03:52 PM
Camera NIKON D3200
F-stop f/5
Exposure time 1/320 sec.
ISO speed ISO-100
Exposure bias +0.3 step
Focal length 55mm
Flash mode No flash
Mount Hand Held

At a birthday luncheon I asked a very attractive girl if she would mind me taking a photograph of her so that I could manipulate and distort her features to turn her face into an Avatar girl. I explained that her image would then appear on my Websites and Facebook pages. She was very willing for me to do so and here is the result of me making the photograph.

The original photograph was taken outdoors in a garden, in open shade, using natural light without any reflectors.

I decided not to go for the porcelain skin effect and intentionally keep some skin texture (and even added some of my own texture effects) to have the skin tone seem more authentic.

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