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Leather Man at the Boeremark, Pretoria

Leather Man at the Boeremark.  © 2015 John Golden. All rights reserved

Leather Man at the Boeremark. © 2015 John Golden. All rights reserved


Property Value
Date Taken 2015-08-15 08:14 AM
Camera NIKON D3200
F-stop f/5.6
Exposure time 1/500 sec.
ISO speed ISO-800
Exposure bias 0 step
Focal length 18mm
Flash mode No flash
Mount Hand held


It’s always a pleasant experience to greet Solomon, The Leather Man (a name coined by me, since he has no official business name). He is a friendly and enthusiastic man always in bright colours.

I watched him serving customers and noticed how he listens to their needs. If you want something he hasn’t got on his table, you can place an order and collect it in a weeks time; or for the more impatient shopper he is willing to make the product on the spot during his quiet moments.

I questioned him about his pure leather belts but was unfortunate since the smallest one in the colour and style that I liked was several inches to big for me. Solomon offered to make one for while I waited. However there were no loose buckles lying in his box which I liked. So, he promptly took up the ready made belt which I liked, cut out the buckle, shortened it to my required size, inserted the buckle, trimmed off any rough edges and upon my request also punched another two holes into it. This happened so quickly. I can’t tell you how long I waited. Was it 5 minutes? Was it 10 minutes? I honestly don’t think it was the latter.

You can read more about, and see more images of the Die Boeremark (The Farmer’s Market) in Pretoria east by browsing through this website and on my John Golden Photography website.

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