fleeting moments

Miniature 01

Miniature_01.  © 2015 John Golden. All rights reserved

Miniature_01. © 2015 John Golden. All rights reserved


Property Value
Date Taken 2015-06-28 02:46 PM
Camera NIKON D3200
F-stop f/4.8
Exposure time 1/125 sec.
ISO speed ISO-200
Exposure bias 0 step
Focal length 116mm
Flash mode No flash
Mount Hand held


When I saw this miniature scene at a friends house I could not stop myself… I simply had to photograph the scene. The miniature scene was compelling to me. I was drawn into the scene and this is what I saw.

I have posted another shot of this miniature scene and other photographs on my John Golden Photography website.

In a previous posting I said that I will post a photograph I made of a near conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the moon on 2015-06-20 where these three heavenly bodies were close enough to each other for me to be able to capture them in a single image. Watch out for this in the next few days.

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