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Bread Boutique cappuccino 01

Bread Boutique cappuccino 01.  © 2015 John Golden. All rights reserved

Bread Boutique cappuccino 01. © 2015 John Golden. All rights reserved


Property Value
Date Taken 2015-08-04 11:01 AM
Camera NIKON D3200
F-stop f/20
Exposure time 1/30 sec.
ISO speed ISO-100
Exposure bias 0 step
Focal length 26mm
Flash mode No flash
Mount Hand Held

My wife and I returned to the newly opened Bread Boutique in Pretorius Street in Pretoria CBD, directly opposite State Theater’s Scene Dock/Service Entrance.

The Bread Boutique is a small restaurant/coffee shop. Since my wife and I are vegetarians we suspected the menu would be a problem for us. However we were pleasantly surprised to find how accommodating they were toward us and our needs.

Even more impressive was their filter coffee and cappuccino… My wife and I have been regular cappuccino drinkers for decades now and know when we are fortunate enough to stumble upon a great ore. Well the Bread Boutique’s cappuccinos are just great; of the best in Pretoria. Strong, yet rich in flavor and not overbearing.

We loved the fact that the waiter was present yet never intrusive or overbearing and never made us feel rushed. Once again we decided to take it easy in their nice new leather sofas, enjoying a relaxed conversation with the early morning sun streaming through the window that we were sitting at.

The photo above shows a little of the romantic atmosphere we were experiencing.

The Bread Boutique, try it. I honestly don’t think they will disappoint you.

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