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Union Buildings panorama

Union Buildings. © 2014 John Golden. All rights reserve

Union Buildings. © 2014 John Golden. All rights reserve


Property Value
Date Taken 2014-09-20 03:41 PM
Camera NIKON D3200
F-stop f/8
Exposure time 1/125 sec.
ISO speed ISO-100
Exposure bias 0 step
Focal length 45mm
Flash mode No flash
Mount Tripod

I used my new Nikon D3200 to take this panorama of the Union Buildings in Pretoria/Tswane.

I really had a lot of fun at the Union Buildings… Not just taking photographs, but also meeting some of the foreign and local tourists that were there that day, having fun and taking in the history that is represented there.

The Union Buildings are the cake and the beautiful 15m high bronze statue of our former president, Nelson Mandela, is the cherry on top. While I was there people were constantly streaming past this bronze beauty, looking, pointing, photographing and mimicking the whole afternoon long. Just so amazing to see.

The symbolism of the buildings and statue are filled with deep and significant meaning for all South Africans and I felt so grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity to be there and to have that amazing experience. The entire occasion was made even more special by the fact that I was able to share it with my loving wife and youngest son.

To capture this grand occasion and place I took my 3 day old Nikon and captured some great images there and also created this panoramic photo. I stitched 8 vertical images together to create a photo that is over 100 mega pixels in siza… suitable to create a photo print that is metres wide!

I just love how I managed to capture the guy standing in the centre, holding his arms out, mimicking Nelson Mandela”s statue.

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